Aaltwin Motshagen aka Twinmeister was born in 1980. In 1995 he started DJ-ing at a local club. After spending some years working on his skills and creating his own unique style he decided to compete in DJ contests. in 2000 he won all the contest he joined including the 538-I-Dance DJ Contest. Winning this contest gave him al lot of publicity and he got in touch with DJ's like E-Craig and Bird. From that moment on he played at many gigs around the world.Nowadays he is the resident DJ of Rumours Amersfoort and NRG Club Hersonissos during summer. Next to his residencies he has played in clubs like iT, Starlight, Panama and foreign countries like England, Greece, Germany and Tunisia. Playing all kinds of house & urban music, from funky electro house to banging hard- and jumpstyle, he always knows how to impress the crowd with his fast, energetic and surprising DJ sets.
Next to performing as a DJ, he's also doing well as a producer. On his own label BOEMM!! Records he releases high quality club music, which is played by many top jocks around the world.
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